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Tony Goulding- Mixed Media Artist 

Tony Goulding is a mixed medium artist from Nottinghamshire, specialising in aviation and landscape paintings as well as carticatures. His 28 year service in the RAF took him around the world, broadening his perspectives. Tony's extensive skill set allows him to practice with a range of mediums including acrylics, watercolour and ink. 

Tony began painting and drawing in ernest during his career in the Royal Air Force, where he began producing detailed cartoons and caricatures. Tony now takes on commissions using a wide range of mediums appropriate to his clients. His extensive range of artworks include vibrant retro paintings of Mod's and Rockers, bikes, scooters and VW campers as well as cartoon aircraft, figures and vehicles. 

Tony is also a skilled representational artist who can produce detailed paintings of landscapes, compositions, aircraft and football and cricket grounds, some of which behold a modernistic twist, using a monochrome palette with  pops of colour. 

Tony practices and sells his art in the Artwork And Framing Gallery in the Newark Arcade. You can see him at work during the week.

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